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Census response rate is 98 per cent, early calculations show

The Globe and Mail reports that Statistics Canada have early indications that the overall census response rate is 98% and about 96% for the long-form census. This is “probably the most successful census since 1666,” said chief statistician Wayne Smith.

Updates to ENVISION

ENVISION5 is the latest released version of ENVISION, with changes to its interface. ENVISION5 has been enhanced with increased functionality, providing more advanced mapping, reporting and display features.

The Annual Meeting was a great success!

The Annual Meeting was held on May 26th and 27th in Banff, AB and was a great success! We had one and a half days of very engaged discussion and extremely helpful feedback on the program.

Our annual meeting is coming up!

We are excited for our upcoming annual meeting!  For a day and a half starting Thursday May 26th, we will be meeting in Banff, Alberta with twenty of our consortium leads (plus more via webinar) to plan out the upcoming program year!

Our 31st data consortium!

Led by the United Way Perth-Huron (operating as the Social Research and Planning Council), the Perth-Huron Community Data Consortium is CCSD’s 31st consortium to be established within the CDP.

Announcing our 30th data consortium!

Led by the Northern Policy Institute (NPI), the (Rest of) Northern Ontario Community Data Consortium is CCSD’s 30th consortium to be established within the CDP.

Guide to Using Community Data 3.1, Part 2: Microsoft Excel

In this Guide, we explain some basics of Microsoft Excel. The concepts covered are relatively simple to understand, but easy to overlook as a typical user. They will allow you to use Excel more efficiently for any purpose.

Building Permits data for 2013 is now available

The Building Permits dataset provides the count (units) and value (dollars) of residential and non-residential construction down to the census subdivision (CSD). The 2013 data is now in the catalogue.

Schedule B update: New data in the catalogue as of August 2014

Schedule B lists data products that we intend to acquire during any given program year (April 1 to March 31). Over the past few months, we've been busy acquiring and cataloguing several new data tables. Since then, 12 data products have been added or updated to the most recent year.

Census and NHS Profiles now available at the Health Region

Census and NHS Profile tables are now available at the Health Region ("HR") geographic scale for all of Canada. These same tables are also freely available from Statistics Canada, but are rather difficult to find on their site.