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This interactive infographic provides a demographic overview for the population in a selected province, territory, census division or census subdivision, using 2021 Census data. An interactive map and bubble chart are included for comparing select variables across geographies.

This infographic was prepared as part of the Community Action for Workforce Development program, an initiative funded by the Government of Canada through the Community Workforce Development Program that pilots intersectional, community-led workforce planning models in three rural communities across Canada that support economic diversification strategies that take action on climate change and contribute to clean growth.

Version française/French version: Profils des communautés - Profil démographique, 2021


To open this dashboard, you will need Tableau Reader installed on your computer. Tableau Reader can be downloaded here.

If any text in the dashboard appears cut-off or does not display correctly, please set the display scaling for your computer to 100% while viewing the dashboard, or disable scaling for Tableau Reader.

If you have any questions, comments or issues related to the dashboard, please let us know at

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Community Profile Infographic - Demographics, 2021