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This table has been updated to include counts of persons with incomes below the Market Basket Measure (MBM) using the 2018 rebased MBM. The original table can be found here.

Target group profiles (TGP) provide Census Profile variables for a subset, or target group, of the population. This TGP provides the Census Profile for the population with income below the Market Basket Measure (MBM) threshold.


Target group profiles (TGPs) provide data for a specific group of persons (a "target group"). All variables in the target group profile relate to these persons: their age, their gender, their family status (e.g. are they in a census family), the languages they speak, and so on.  Because TGPs deal with the universe of persons, they do not contain any family- or household-specific variables. For example, the number of census families in private households does not relate to a person, but to a family, and so it is not included in TGPs.

Target Group Profile Totals

The labels used for the Target Group Profiles are the same as the labels used for the Census Profile. If you are viewing a Target Group Profile table, then the "Total population in private households" or "Total - Generation status for the population in private households" is the total for that particular target group.  

For example, if you use the Target Group Profile for recent immigrants, then the "Total population" is equal to the total population of recent immigrants. Please be aware that for some 2016 Target Group Profiles, the target group (e.g., Aboriginal and visible minority groups or age groups) is split out into categories in a separate dimension (e.g., Total, Aboriginal identity, First Nations, Métis, Inuk), so will also include a Total population variable. In these cases, the Total population variables are for the entire population.

25% vs 100% samples

The 2016 short form Census questionnaire was sent out to 100% of all households. The 2016 long form Census questionnaire was sent out to 25% of all households. Target Group Profiles are produced using the 25% sample.

When calculating the prevalence of certain target group variables in the total population, it is better to use total population values taken from this Census Profile, which was produced entirely using the 25% sample, as opposed to the standard Census Profile which uses the 100% sample for numerous variables.

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REVISED Target group profile of the low-income population (MBM) using the rebased 2018 Market Basket Measure, Census, 2016