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The Census Profile represents a summary of responses to most questions from the Census of Population. Users can view the Census Profile online here or download the Profile for various standard geographic levels here.

Place of Work: While the majority of census data are aggregated for the population at their local place of residence, the place of work data are aggregated on the basis of respondents' place of work.

Census Profile Dashboards: The Community Data Program created a series of interactive Tableau dashboards using data from the 2021 Census Profile. The following 2021 Census dashboards are currently available:

Custom Geographies: Click here for a list geographies included in the custom geographies file package.


The Census Profile on custom geographies (semi-custom Profile) is entirely generated using the long-form (25% sample) database, as opposed to the standard Census Profile, which provides data from both the short-form (100% sample) and the long-form databases, depending on the source from which the variable comes. Users will note discrepancies in the counts between these two sources. 

Users that are comparing variables from the both the short form and long form, should use the long form source to maintain consistency. For example, if the user is comparing the visible minority population to the total population, then the total population count should come from the long form, because visible minority data is only available from the long form. When calculating the prevalence of the recent immigrant population, the total population denominator should use the long form data. 

The CDP has not yet acquired a Census Profile table generated from the long-form 25% database, but it is available in any of the 'composite' Target Group Profiles. The visible minority TGP, the Indigenous identity TGP or the Age Groups TGP all have a total population variable which, like the rest of the TGP, is generated using the 25% sample. 

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