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This table has data on Core Housing Need. A similar table with data at the Dissemination Area level is available here.

The custom geographies for this table are divided into groups. Click here to see the geographies contained within each of these groups.

A household in core housing need is one whose dwelling is considered unsuitable, inadequate or unaffordable and whose income levels are such that they could not afford alternative suitable and adequate housing in their community.


For information on data quality, as well as random rounding, data suppression, and other methods of disclosure control, please consult the Guide to the Census of Population, 2016, Catalogue no. 98-304-X, and the reference guides for the individual topics.

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Aboriginal household status (3), Age of the primary household maintainer (6), Core housing need status (3), Household type (7), Need criteria (12), Selected household statistics (Count, Incomes, Shelter Costs, STIRs) (5), and Tenure (3), for private households in non-farm, non-band, non-reserve households with household incomes greater than zero and shelter-cost-to-income ratios (STIRs) less than 100%, 2016 Census