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Inventory of Community Data Sources

Database/Data product: Uniform Crime Reporting Survey (UCR)

Data provider: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Statistics Canada

Description: The UCR Survey was designed to measure the incidence and characteristics of crime in Canada, as reported by police. The survey captures incident-level information on the characteristics of the crime and the accused and victims involved. Crime Statistics in Canada, part of the Juristat series (Cat. 85-002-X), is an annual publication based on the UCR system which provides tables showing crime rates for select offences by CMA.

With financial assistance from the National Crime Prevention Centre at Public Security Canada, CCJS is working with select police services to provide neighbourhood-level statistics. Studies have been done for three jurisdictions:
Winnipeg (Cat. 85-561-MIE2004004);
Regina (Cat. 85-561-MIE2006008);
Montréal (Cat. 85-561-MIE2006007 )
Work is also underway to produce neighbourhood reports for four more cities: Edmonton, Thunder Bay, Halifax and Saskatoon.

Geographic units available: Provinces, territories, CMAs (with CMA boundaries adjusted to follow policing boundaries).

The provision of geo-coded information (postal code, address or coordinates of criminal incidents) is not mandatory; therefore the data quality varies. While it is possible to create user-defined areas, subject to confidentiality constraints, a feasibility study would likely be required.

Updates: annually

Client Services, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics
Toll-free: 1-800-387-2231;
Tel: 613-951-9023

Cost: Publications on the website are free. There is a charge for user-defined tabulations.



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