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Inventory of Community Data Sources

Database/Data product: Labour Force Survey (LFS)

Data provider: Labour Statistics Division, Statistics Canada

Description: “LFS data are used to produce the unemployment rate as well as other standard labour market indicators such as the employment rate and the participation rate. The LFS also provides employment estimates by industry, occupation, public and private sector, hours worked and much more, all cross-classifiable by a variety of demographic characteristics, including immigrant status and Aboriginal identity. Estimates are produced for Canada, the provinces, the territories and a large number of sub-provincial regions. For employees, wage rates, union status, job permanency and workplace size are also produced. For a full listing and description of LFS variables, see the Guide to the Labour Force Survey, Catalogue 71-543-GIE.”

Some tables are available free of charge. Go to the main page at, and under “Find Statistics” on the left hand bar, click on “Summary tables,” Tables by metropolitan area.

Geographic units available: Provinces, territories, economic regions, and CMAs

Updates: monthly

Client Services, Labour Statistics Division, Statistics Canada
Tel: 613-951-4090;

Cost: There is a charge for tables available on CANSIM.



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