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Inventory of Community Data Sources

Database/Data product: Income Tax Records: Estimates for Families and Individuals (T1 Family File)

Data provider: Small Area Data Division, Statistics Canada

Description: This activity is conducted for the development and dissemination of annual small area socio-economic data for Canadians and their families. These data, collected primarily from income tax returns submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), provide income and demographic information for sub-provincial geographic areas (postal areas and selected Census areas). Content includes income by source, charitable donations.

Users may also select a specific area of interest that is not a standard area for which data are available in standard format. A list of the postal codes must be provided for areas for which data are required, and the area must satisfy confidentiality requirements, or no data can be produced.

Geographic units available: 2006 data can be requested for postal walks, forward sortation areas, rural postal codes, cities, and select Census areas, such as Economic Regions, Census Divisions, Census Metropolitan Areas/ Census Agglomerations, Census Tracts, and Federal Electoral Districts.

Updates: annually

Client Services, Small Area and Administrative Data Division
Toll-free: 1-866-652-8443;
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Fax: 1-866-652-8444 or 613-951-4745

Cost: There is a charge for all tabulations.



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