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Inventory of Community Data Sources

Database/Data product: Households and the Environment Survey (HES)

Data provider: Environment Accounts and Statistics Division, Statistics Canada

Description: “The Household Environment Survey measures the environmental practices and behaviours of Canadian households that relate to the condition of our air, water and soils. The survey was also designed to collect data to develop and improve three key environmental indicators: air quality, water quality, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Components covered in the 2006 HES are: a) Consumption and conservation of water; b) Energy use and Home Heating; c) Gasoline powered equipment use; d) Pesticide and fertilizer use; e) Recycling, composting and waste disposal practices; f) Air and water quality; and g) Transportation decisions.”

A Vehicle Energy Use Survey is planned for 2009 and will have data for CMAs.

Geographic units available: Provinces and CMAs

Updates: Biennially

Information officer, Environment Accounts and Statistics Division
Tel: 613-951-0297;
Fax: 613-951-0634;

Cost: Publication on the website is free.


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