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Inventory > Primary Canadian Data Sources > Physician Database    

Inventory of Community Data Sources

Database/Data product: Physician Database

Data provider: Canadian Institute for Health Information

Description: Scott’s Medical Database (formerly Southam Medical Database) provides information on the supply, distribution and migration (between Canadian and international jurisdictions) patterns of Canadian physicians. Tables can be created at the CSD and CT levels, with cells counts of less than five removed.

Geographic units available: Provinces and territories

Updates: annually

CIHI Ottawa
495 Richmond Road, Suite 600
Ottawa, ON  K2A 4H6
Tel: 613-241-7860;
Fax: 613-241-8120;

Cost: For user-defined tables, there is an administration fee of $225 and a production charge of $130 per hour for Canadian health care facilities, governments, not-for-profit health agencies, universities, health professionals, and researchers from the public sector. For private commercial operations (including, but not limited to, software vendors and consultants), foreign clients and others not qualifying for the lower rate, there is an administration fee of $340 and an hourly production charge of $195.



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