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New Zealand Social Report


Inventory of Community Data Sources

Database/ Data product: New Zealand Social Report

Data Provider: New Zealand Ministry of Social Development

Description: The Ministry of Social Development annually publishes a social report to “provide a picture of well-being and the quality of life in New Zealand. The regional indicators report is published in conjunction with the social report, and uses similar data at a regional and local level to show how outcomes vary across the country. It is intended to support regional and local councils with decision making.”

Data come from a variety of sources and are “provided for the 10 social report domains: Health, Knowledge and Skills, Paid Work, Economic Standard of Living, Civil and Political Rights, Cultural Identity, Physical Environment, Leisure and Recreation, Safety and Social Connectedness. The regional indicators website monitors outcomes across 23 indicators at a regional council level and 19 indicators at a territorial (TA) level.”

Geographic units available: Regional councils and territorial areas

Updates: annually

Contact: E-mail:

Cost: free



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