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BC Socio-Economic Profiles


Inventory of Community Data Sources

Database/Data product: B.C. Socio-economic Profiles and Socio-economic Indices

Data provider: B.C. Stats

Description: These profiles present data in tables and charts on population, economic hardship, labour market, education, crime, health and risk factors for children and youth. The data are presented in a format that allows comparison to other regions in the province and to B.C. overall.

The socio-economic indices compare regions of the province to determine those most under stress in categories of economic hardship, crime, health, education and risk indicators for children and youth expressed as rates and indices. Data are presented in tables, charts and maps. There is also a single composite index for each region within the province.

Geographic units available: Socio-economic Profiles: Regional Districts, Local Health Areas, College Regions, School Districts, Health Service Delivery Areas, and Health Authorities

Socio-economic Indices: Regional Districts and Local Health Areas

Updates: varies, depending on data source

B.C. Stats
Box 9410, Stn Prov Govt.
Victoria, BC  V8W 9V1
General Enquiries: 250-387-0327
E-mail: BC Stats (or use “Contact us” on website)

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