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American Fact-Finder


Inventory of Community Data Sources

Database/Data Product: American Fact Finder

Data provider: U.S. Bureau of the Census

Description: American Fact Finder provides fact sheets for communities at various levels of geography. You can enter a street address and obtain information about a number of geographies for that address. There is also a capacity to retrieve certain data for a number of areas simultaneously.

Content includes basic demographic information as well as social and economic characteristics. Data sources include the Decennial Census, the American Community Survey, Annual Population Estimates, the Economic Census, and annual Economic Surveys. Not all data are available at all levels of geography.

The data are retrieved based on the area specified from very detailed pre-existing tables.

Geographic units available: Census Tracts, block groups, blocks, Congressional districts, State legislative districts, school districts, and 3- and 5-digit zip code tabulation areas.

Updates: as data become available

Contact: Use the “Feedback” link on website

Cost: free



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