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Community Information Database


Inventory of Community Data Sources

Database/Data product: Community Information Database (CID)

Data provider: Rural Secretariat, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Description: “The CID is a free on-line web-based resource intended to help users quickly capture demographic/socio-economic data for specific or multiple geographic regions from an interactive map.

Users may click their mouse on a region of the interactive map to generate a pop-up table containing the data they have selected. Data in the pop-up table can be printed or saved to file. Alternatively, users can query a database of demographic/socio-economic indicators by region and download tables or graphics to spreadsheets or files.”

“This site provides users with a consistent, reliable, and accessible source of statistical indicators at the community level in Canada. The data is sourced mainly from Statistics Canada’s Censuses of Population in 1996 and 2001.”

Work is underway to update the CID using 2006 Census data and to revise the home page. A Training Module will also be added. The CID is exploring the possibility of adding other non-Census data holdings. Users can download data from the CID and combine it with their own local data.

Geographic units available: Provinces, territories, economic regions, CDs, and CSDs

Updates: every 5 years, based on the Census cycle


Cost: free


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