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Big Data for Small Places (BD4SP)

What is it? 

The BD4SP program is a user-friendly capacity-building approach that enables the effective use of data for rural community development and evidence-based decision making. Its goal is to facilitate the advancement of data literacy and enhance the user’s experience with data access, analysis, management, and presentation.  

Data Analytics for Rural Transformation (DART)

What is it? 

DART is a user-friendly data integration and visualization cloud-based tool capable of importing data from a variety of sources in various formats into one interface for search and display in support of socio-economic planning. Its goal is to increase productivity and improve efficiencies by dramatically reducing the time needed to access, amalgamate, interpret, analyze and visualize data.

What can BD4SP and DART do for you?

This webinar will:

  • provide participants with an understanding of the BD4SP data literacy program and how it can address the challenges associated with data access, analysis, management and utilization.
  • provide participants with a demonstration of how the DART tool can import community profiles and other data from a variety of sources in various formats, enable demographic, economic and property queries, calculate proximity to community resources, and visualize the information in charts, graphs, or maps. 

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 1-2:30pm EST


  • Nelson Rogers, Ed.D. and Robert Leitch, M.Ed. have been professional collaborators since 1996 when they worked together on the Lanark Communications Network project, Canada’s first community-based non-profit public/private coalition dedicated to the advancement of rural broadband network development and applications. During their respective careers, Nelson has worked with community groups, non-profit or social enterprise organizations, local governments, and colleges on community analysis, environmental scanning, applied research, visioning, strategic planning, and leadership training, particularly in rural contexts andRobert has worked as an educator, administrator, and analyst on educational outreach projects, community consultation and capacity building, project partner engagement, strategic planning, and project management of many complex multi-partner initiatives in both the public and private sectors. 


Participants: 78