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Strength-in-Numbers is a series of infographics, fact sheets and reports highlighting community trends across Canada drawing on the CCSD’s Community Data Program – a unique repository of local data in Canada. It is designed to identify and illuminate significant socioeconomic trends impacting Canadian communities today, providing a source of critical evidence for sound decision-making and program evaluation.

Theme 1: Poverty in Canada

Theme 2: Demographic Trends


The goal of the Strength-in-Numbers series is to serve as a data hub for individuals and organizations working at the community level. This project updates the CCSD’s popular web-based Stats and Facts series, providing access to a new generation of data products designed for ready use in research, evaluation and strategic communications.

This series will also provide an update of the CCSD’s Urban Poverty Project. Last published in 2007, the Urban Poverty Project presented a series of comprehensive analytical reports, resource tools, and data profiles looking at different aspects of urban poverty in Canada. Renamed the Community Poverty Report, new research briefs update key tables and charts, identifying new patterns of economic disadvantage across Canada’s large urban areas.

*** Note: PDF files are best viewed when downloaded and opened with Adobe Reader. ***