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These tables from the Canadian Housing Statistics Program have data available at the municipal (Census Subdivision) level. Use the "Add/Remove data" button to display data among available Census Subdivisions, as well as to include additional variables not shown in the default display.

Statistics Canada was mandated to create a residential property database: a comprehensive repository of data that covers numerous aspects of the housing sector. The database, under the responsibility of the Canadian Housing Statistics Program (CHSP), will ultimately include all residential properties in Canada and their owners.

The database was developed by combining data from multiple sources (e.g., property assessment rolls, land titles, Census of Population, etc.) and provides detailed information at the property and owner levels.

The CHSP residential property database, initialized in 2017, continues to be expanded with new geographies and variables as new data becomes available. The database currently contains 2955 census subdivisions across twelve provinces and territories. Data from Quebec are not yet available in CHSP.
The CHSP will provide comprehensive information to monitor and analyze the Canadian housing market. Descriptive variables in the database will include property characteristics, (e.g., structure type, size, location), property owner characteristics (e.g., demographics, citizenship and residency status) and property financing (e.g., loan terms, outstanding debt).

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Canadian Housing Statistics Program Tables