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York Region
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Meghan Ditta
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Supervisor of Strategy and Transformation
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King at a Glance
The Township of King is a unique, special place proud of its natural heritage, scenic beauty, agricultural lands, and rich urban and rural history. Lying in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area and located just 40 kilometers north of downtown Toronto, the Township of King is one of (9) municipalities that make up the Regional Municipality of York. The Township includes the villages and hamlets of Ansnorveldt, Kettleby, King City, Laskay, Lloydtown, Nobleton, Pottageville, Schomberg and Snowball. Over 98% of King Township is within the Greenbelt area, with 65% contained within the Oak Ridges Moraine, and more than 60% of the Holland Marsh, also known as Ontario’s Salad Bowl, lies within the Township.