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The Community Data Program's annual meeting took place from May 10th to 12th in Mississauga Ontario, hosted by the Region of Peel. This was the first time in three years that we had met in person and the event was a great success. Besides serving as a great opportunity for leads to network and provide invaluable feedback on program business, the meeting featured two hybrid-event webinars that were well-attended and which sparked interesting discussions.  Links to the webinar recordings are provided below: 

The action items arising from the meeting can be found in the report, which is available here: CDP Annual Meeting 2023 Package

The Community Data Program team would like to thank Andrea Dort of the Region of Peel, whose efforts and support made this meeting possible. 

Finally, the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg took the opportunity to announce that the 2024 annual meeting will be held in Winnipeg.  We are already looking forward to it!