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Members of the Community Data Program that are not-for-profit organisations have a unique experience with the program compared to the members from regional or municipal governments. Not-for-profits rarely have a data buying budget and may have limited time or expertise in house to analyze data. But data can be essential to measuring the impact that not-for-profits are having in their communities.

This roundtable was an opportunity to hear from Not-for-Profits about their experience working with data. In the recording below, listen to the conversation around the table and hear about the opportunities that others have found to make use of CDP data.

The following statements were discussed during the roundtable:

  1. Not-for-profit organisations struggle to resource the staff to work with data, find money to pay for the program, keep data analysis skills in house, and communicate the data.
  2. Not-for-profit organisations are reliant on relationships with partner organisations (health units, municipal or regional government) to make use of the data.
  3. Not-for-profits look for very specific ways to cut the data for specific projects or topics that are not always available in the catalogue.
  4. Leads need to manage expectations for not-for-profit members when joining the CDP. 
  5. Communities agencies are unsure of how data can fulfil their mission and mandate.
  6. Not-for-profits play an integral role in local collaboratives.

Date and Time: Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 1:30 pm ET

Facilitated by Mary Clarke, Training and Capacity Building Coordinator, Community Data Program