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The Longitudinal Immigration Database ICARE Dashboard is now available to download in the CDP catalogue and Immigration Data Portal. This dashboard presents data from the IMDB ICARE tables T1 and T2 in a series of interactive charts. Data on immigrant taxfiler mobility and economic outcomes are compared with settlement service delivery, admission categories and world areas of birth. The dashboard includes time series showing data on immigrant taxfiler landing groups over time, and charts showing data for individual tax years. 

The data in this dashboard covers all of Canada at the following levels of geography:

  • Canada
  • Provinces and territories (PR)
  • Census division (CD)
  • Census subdivision (CSD)
  • Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) boundaries

A video tutorial was produced for this dashboard, which can be viewed below.

To open this dashboard, you will need Tableau Reader installed on your computer. Tableau Reader can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions, comments or issues related to the dashboard, please let us know at

Instructional video: