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Join your colleague Emilian Siman and our very own Jamie Carrick (CDP) to explore the possibilities of analyzing CDP data in the analytical software Tableau. This can be considered a follow up webinar to our Introduction to Tableau and Exploring Canadian Business Counts. Emilian Siman will share his experience with the software and his analysis of Labour Market Data that he produces using Tableau. Jamie Carrick will share his process for preparing data sets downloaded from the catalogue to be used in Tableau. Both presenters will share tips and answer your questions. When you register for this webinar, you will have a chance to list any questions you have about Tableau. Emilian Siman and Jamie Carrick will try to incorporate them into the presentation or be prepared to answer them following the formal presentation.

Intended audience: Medium to high-capacity users, best for people who have the intention of doing data analysis with Tableau 

Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 1:30 pm ET


  • Emilian Siman: Emilian works for Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board (EMO WPDB) as Senior Data Analyst in London Ontario, which is a non-profit community planning agency. He has been with the board for seven years. Before joining EMO WPDB, Emilian worked for a year as Financial Consultant for Investors Group. Prior to that, Emilian operated as Research Data Analyst with Child and Parent Resource Institute in London Ontario for a year and a half. His work in the past ten years has been concentrated on analytical work with a recent interest on labour issues. Emilian holds an MBA degree from University of Missouri.
  • Jamie Carrick, Data Analyst, Community Data Program

Presentation Slides: