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Below is the text that was submitted. Please take a second to VOTE on the consultation! There are only 2 days left! A digital strategy in a knowledge based economy requires objective and trustworthy census data. Mr. Clement, as the Minister responsible for Statistics Canada, we ask that you revisit your decision and reinstate the long form Census questionnaire and continue to make filling it out mandatory. Cities, rural communities, community groups, businesses, provincial and territorial governments, researchers and citizens need the information provided by the long form to ensure targeted, efficient and effective service policy and business planning. It also helps assess the performance of our federal programs. Our long form census is used for social (e.g. immigration, citizenship, multiculturalism) and health services (e.g. social determinants of health), the roll out and planning of infrastructure such as transportation (e.g. commuting to work), urban and development planning, as well it is used for businesss intelligence purposes. It is precisely because of its mandatory nature that sufficient sampling is available to allow for community-level analysis. Because it has been conducted for the past seven censuses, it has become widely used and a valuable resource while also providing us with a reliable longitudinal picture of who we are as a people. The Census is a collective civic moment where Canadians share individual information for the benefit of our great nation. It is the only tool we have that tells us who we are at not only national, provincial, and city scales, but also the rural county and neighborhood level. We as Canadians have trusted Statistics Canada for 35 years to keep our information available but also private, safe and unbiased and we maintain that trust. Statistics Canada is an internationally renowned agency because of its independence from the political realm. The long form Census questionnaire is a great institution built with expertise and great care. Please bring it back and make filling it out mandatory for the benefit of the majority of Canadians.