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Consortium Lead Cheryl Hitchen (also Kingston's manager of social policy and strategic development) is making news with a data-based proposal to replace senior discounts with discounts for low-income residents.

From CBC Ottawa:

Cheryl Hitchen, Kingston's manager of social policy and strategic development, told CBC Radio's Ontario Morning Monday that based on census data, seniors aren't the local demographic most in need of a financial boost.

"[Seniors'] average median income is about the same as it is for the community as a whole," Hitchen said. "There are quite a number of seniors that are doing well, and there are still some living in poverty, and those seniors will continue to get a discount when we make the change."

Hitchen says that senior discounts are a remnant of the post-war era and the benefit would be better based on the low income measure, or LIM. Under this measure, single residents making under $22,000 a year would qualify for discounts on city amenities like bus passes.

Kingston is asking for public input with a survey for residents posted until Dec 15.