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The value-added of the Community Data Program

The Community Data Catalogue: The program has created a unique compendium of over 1,500 data products from over 25 public and private sector data providers offering data at municipal and sub-municipal geographies.

Customized community data tables: The CDP offers hundreds of data tables designed by and for municipal government and community sector practitioners. Because they are created to reflect the unique needs of the CDP’s municipal and community sector members, the combination of customized data tables available to CDP members does not exist elsewhere in Canada.

Easy-to-use data access and visualization tools: the program produces data access and visualization tools using Tableau software, making it easy to generate community profiles on a variety of subjects with a few simple clicks.  

Negotiated data access agreements with private sector data product providers: The CDP works closely with over 25 public and private data providers in order to negotiate preferential pricing and licensing arrangements related to hundreds of customized data products involving special orders, cross-tabulations, and unique geographic boundaries.

Value for Money: By pooling their resources, Consortia gain access to over $1 million worth of community data at a fraction of the cost. All members enjoy full access to all data and associated program services for the cost of their annual CDP fee. The CDP’s capacity to minimize costs is based on the commitment to deliver the program on a not-for-profit basis, the consortium model which permits cost-sharing among member organizations, and preferential licensing terms secured with data providers.