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Inventory of Community Data Sources

Database/Data product: Longitudinal Tax Records Longitudinal Administrative Database (LAD)

Data provider: Small Area Data Division, Statistics Canada

Description: The Longitudinal Administrative Database is a longitudinal file designed as a research tool on income and demographics. It comprises a 20% sample of the annual T-1 Family File and the Longitudinal Immigration Database. Variables have been harmonized where possible, and individuals can be linked year-to-year, starting with 1982 data. The file is augmented annually with new data. The longitudinal file contains many annual demographic variables for individuals and annual income information for both the individual and their census family in that year. For immigrants who arrived in Canada between 1980 and 2003, the file also contains certain key characteristics observed at landing.

The population includes all members of Canadian families (families that include at least one person living in Canada). For cross-sectional purposes, for any specific reference year, the data cover all persons who completed a T-1 tax return or received Canada Child Tax Benefits (CCTB) in that year, their non-filing spouses (including wage and salary information from the T-4 file), their non-filing children identified from three sources (the CCTB file, the births files, and an historical file), and filing children who reported the same address as their parent.

Geographic units available: Postal codes can be used to create user-defined areas, subject to confidentiality constraints

Updates: annually

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