• What definitions are included on this page?

    The Census tables in the Catalogue have particular naming conventions.  This page describes the some of the common terminlology that you will encounter when searching for Census data.

    Catalogue Number

    Statistics Canada uses a ten digit numbering system to catalogue all reports, surveys, and guides published within their organization.

    Community Profile

    Community profiles are standard Census tables at standard Census geographies.  For example, the table titled,

    94-581-XCB2006005 Community Profiles for Census Metropolitan Areas, Tracted Census Agglomerations and Census Tracts, 2006 Census

    is a Community Profile for all of the Census Tracts in Canada. 

    Community Profiles include every standard Census variable, but none are crosstabulated.  The Catalogue contains 11 Community Profiles ranging from Dissemination Areas to Provinces.

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  • The following tutorials have been created to assist users in learning the basic functions of the CSDS Social Data Atlas tool.

    Tutorial 1: Using the Atlas Tool to Answer an Analytical Question

    Tutorial 2: Producing a Report in the Atlas Tool

  • The purpose of this information is to facilitate searching in the Community Data Program catalogue.

  • Community Social Data Strategy (CSDS) Consortium

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  • Data Reference Guide


  • The Community Data Program is made up of Data Consortia from jurisdictions across Canada. Each Consortium consists of several member organisations, from school boards to police departments to municipalities themselves.


  • The CSDS team understands that there are many new tools being introduced through this website and the greater effort to disseminate data to our members, as such we have created this help page to introduce new topics and softwares to users.

    We encourage users to browse the help sites we have create here, which are a mix of tutorial materials created by CSDS users, administrators and associates as well as general information and things to be aware of when using Census data.

    * Tutorials
    * Reference Material
    * Definition of Terms
    * Tips for Using CSDS Data

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