Research report on the Community Data Program

Arief Kartolo, a M.A. student at the University of Windsor has prepared this excellent research report for the Windsor-Essex Working Table that investigates the workings of data consortia in the Community Data Program. Here is an excerpt from the Executive Summary:

This report has three main objectives. First, to provide an overview of existing data consortium programs in other communities; second, to identify a comprehensive descriptions of key components of successful data programs; and lastly, to explore various consortium program governance models and structures within Ontario.  Extensive literature reviews and five semi-structured interviews with coordinators of existing consortium were conducted. Findings and responses were analyzed and organized into seven main categories:
1. Overview and Purpose of Community Data Program
2. Membership Make Up
3. Funding Structures
4. Data Processes, Planning, and Coordination
5. Critical Factors to Successful Data Programs
6. Benefits of Data Consortium.
7. Governance Structure Models