Reports on homelessness in Canadian cities and communities

This section provides a spreadsheet containing links to reports that measure and monitor homelessness in 55 Canadian cities and communities. Each of these reports has been published by a combination of municipal governments and voluntary sector organizations with direct responsibility for projects and programs addressing homelessness at the local level.

Download the spreadsheet



1. Conduct a web search using relying on the following keywords:

  • Homeless Action Plan
  • Homeless Prevention Plan
  • Homeless Community Plan
  • Homeless Card Report

2. Search within the websites of each of the municipal governments located in the 61 Homelessness Partnering Secretariat (HPS) Designated Communities.

3. Search within the websites of community data users identified as part of Community Data Canada outreach efforts.

4. Search within Canadian homeless information portals/repositories: the Homeless Hub (York University) Raising the Roof, HRSDC itself.

5. Search the FCM QOLRS Municipal Data Collection Tool (MDCT), to which municipal government staff have uploaded report measuring & monitoring homelessness.

6. Identify web-links related to an in-house repository of community reports on homelessness, compiled since 2003 on behalf of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Quality of Life Reporting System (FCM QOLRS) project.