Reporting Projects and Tools

These community reporting projects and tools are setting the standard for the field!

University of Waterloo's Canadian Index of Wellbeing

The CIW regularly reports on the quality of life of Canadians – nationally, provincially, and locally – and advocates for social change that reflects our values and places wellbeing at the heart of policy. The CIW provides a broader depth of understanding that, when partnered with GDP, gives us the evidence needed to help steer Canada forward and build a society that responds to the call for greater fairness. The choices we make as a society will determine whether we face a distressed future or a better quality of life.

Municipal Data from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)’s Quality of Life Reporting System (QOLRS) is the latest tool from FCM’s Quality of Life Reporting System (QOLRS), providing access to up-to-date and in-depth data on the state of Canada’s largest urban regions. 

A repository of data collected from local and other sources from across Canada, provides municipalities with an interactive tool to create a detailed picture of existing and emerging trends across a range of issues.

What Counts: Harnessing Data for America’s Communities

What Counts: Harnessing Data for America’s Communities, from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Urban Institute, outlines opportunities and challenges for the strategic use of data to reduce poverty, improve health, expand access to quality education, and build stronger communities.  It is a response to both the explosive interest in using data to guide community initiatives, investment strategies, and policy choices, and the vexing questions that accompany data-driven approaches.