Non-mortgage consumer debt, 2016 Q1

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These credit data indicate levels of non-mortgage consumer debt at the six-digit postal code (FSALDU) level.

The data can be used to calculate average NMCD debt per credit file. A credit file represents a credit consumer, having any type of debt product. Credit files with only mortgage accounts and no consumer debt products would also be included in the credit file count. In spite of this, Equifax uses total credit files as the denominator in the calculation of its NMCD indicator, such as those reported in the newspaper on the average consumer debt of Canadians.

Non-mortgage consumer debt includes the following types of credit:

  • All installment credits
  • All revolving credits
  • Auto Finance
  • Credit Union Installment
  • Credit Union Revolving
  • Monoline
  • National Card
  • Personal Finance
  • Retail
  • Retail dept
  • Revolving
  • Sales finance

A credit file represents one person. A trade is a debt product.

These data are provided under a restrictive license and should not be published or made publicly accessible. Please contact the CDP team if you have any questions.


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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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Non-mortgage consumer debt, 2016 Q1

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