Information for new member organizations

Welcome to the Community Data Program!

Thank you for making your organization part of the CDP. After we have entered your organization's contact information into our database, the next step is for you to register accountsAll member organization representatives should register an account whether they intend to download data or not.  Having your account on file helps program administration and ensures that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use.  If you leave your organization, please contact us to let us know who will be the new CDP representative. 

It is important that if any of your account users leave your organization that you inform us so that we can close their account.  Please register one account per user and do not share accounts, as we cannot prevent ex-employees from downloading files using an active shared account.  Registering an account also requires that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use for the data. 

If you collaborate with a consultant, we can provide them with a temporary account once you have given your written permission (email) and indicated the length of their contract.  It should be communicated to consultants that they are only to download data relevant to their contract and that all copies of the files should be deleted upon completion of the project.

Resources available through the CDP

The Resources pages contain a great deal of valuable information, including some program basics and instructions for using some of the data sets. If you do not have it already, you will need to download the program Beyond 20/20 in order to open many of the data files (identified by the extension .IVT). The  Data and Catalogue Resources page also contains a document outlining  how to use Beyond 20/20, as well as links to instructional videos.

Registration with the Community Data Program

Users must register at Anyone in your organization is invited to create an account with the Community Data Program.  User registration is free, and there are no limits to the number of people within your organization who can register, or the number of tables each user can download.  After registering on the site, it takes one or two business days to be given access to data.  If anyone wishes to register with an email address that doesn't correspond to your organization (e.g., we will have to first verify their identity with you. Ideally you would notify us of this request by email prior to requesting an account.

Acknowledging the Community Data Program in your work

We ask that member organizations acknowledge the Community Data Program as the source of data in work that they publish.  For example, "Data for this project were accessed through the Canadian Council on Social Development's Community Data Program."

Tell us what you're doing with the data!

We want to know what you're doing with the data.  If you have work that you would like to share or promote, tell us about it in a Community Snapshot. Community Snapshots are a way for CDP members to share how community data is being used.  All material provided to CCSD will be used to showcase (1) the use of data by CDP members, (2) the people who analyze the data, and (3) its impact on communities.  We encourage every community to share their work with the membership.  We will post the information on the Community Data Program and CCSD websites.  A Community Snapshot template  can be downloaded here.  An archive of the Community Snapshots is available here.

Once again, we're excited to have you as part of the Community Data Program. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.