Employment size ranges (B11)

Plain language definition: 

The employment size ranges are based on data derived from payroll remittances. As such, it should be viewed solely as a business stratification variable. Its primary purpose is to improve the efficiency of samples selected to conduct statistical surveys. It should not be used in any manner to compile industry employment estimates. Employment, grouped in employment size ranges, is more often than not an estimation of the annual maximum number of employees. For example, a measure of "10 employees" could represent "10 full-time employees", "20 part-time employees" or any other combination.

Detailed definition: 

Note: The establishments in the "Indeterminate" category do not maintain an employee payroll, but may have a workforce which consists of contracted workers, family members or business owners. However, the Business Register does not have this information available, and has therefore assigned the establishments to an "Indeterminate" category. This category also includes employers who did not have employees in the last 12 months.

Values (English): 

Total (A)
Indeterminate (B)
Subtotal (A - B)
500 +