Community Reporting Resources

DIY Community Infographics

Community Data Access Tool

These DIY Infographics designed by the CCSD offers CDP members a simple template to visually report on a number of important social development themes using data available from the CDP. 


Each template allows the user to easily type in data and information about any community at any level of geography. Use the template to create as many customized DIY Infographics as you want! 


Click here for DIY Infographic instructions


This map-based data access tool provides CDP members an easy way to download data variables for the DIY Infographics, popular data variables and selected topics.


Instead of downloading full tables of data containing geographies for the entire country, CDP members can select a geography (municipalities and custom neighbourhoods where available) and download data variables for that selected area! 


Try the prototype tool and download currently available data variables for the Village of 100 (2011 data), Regional Profile (2011 data), and Education (2011 data) Infographics!


Click here for the Community Data Access Tool

Fillable infographics:

Free online tools:


Selected Publications from CCSD and other sources



How are others using the data? 

Community Snapshots

Community Snapshots are a way for CDP members to share how community data is being used. 

All material provided to CCSD will be used to showcase: 

  1. the use of data by CDP members,
  2. the people who analyse the data, and
  3. its impact on communities.  

We encourage every community to share their work with the membership. 

A Community Snapshot template can be downloaded here.


Publications from Members

Socio-economic data from the Community Data Program are made available to our members for community research. Read the publications by our various consortium members to see how the data is being used to analyse, promote, and support sound decisions and social development programs.