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Webinar: Dr. Doug Norris to Discuss the Latest Age and Sex Data

Statistics Canada will release the second wave of data from the 2016 Census on May 3, covering the age and sex composition of Canada’s population, dwelling types and the makeup of those living in group housing. In this second in a series of webinars on census releases scheduled throughout the year, demographic expert Dr. Doug Norris will discuss how Canada’s age-sex composition is changing and how it differs across the country. The session will also focus on the housing arrangements of Canada’s fast-growing senior population, including retirement homes and other health-related facilities.

The IFSD starts nowcasting Canadian real GDP growth

Randall Bartlett, chief economist at the University of Ottawa’s Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy (IFSD), calls StatsCan data the closest thing Canadians have to the “gospel truth.” However, “much of this data is released with a significant time lag relative to other developed countries,” Bartlett said.


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