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Census response rate is 98 per cent, early calculations show

The Globe and Mail reports that Statistics Canada have early indications that the overall census response rate is 98% and about 96% for the long-form census. This is “probably the most successful census since 1666,” said chief statistician Wayne Smith. At last count, 13.74 million questionnaires had been completed out of a total of about 14 million households.

Updates to ENVISION

ENVISION5 is the latest released version of ENVISION, with changes to its interface. ENVISION5 has been enhanced with increased functionality, providing more advanced mapping, reporting and display features. With these improved features, ENVISION5 is now more user-friendly and visually appealing. Using the “trade analysis tool”, you can filter your geographies using a map and select the variables you want to analyse! How-to videos are available in the help section of ENVISION. Book a licence here: http://communitydata.ca/envision.

Towards an Open and Transparent Government

Recently, a draft plan for two years of Open Government was posted with the intention of receiving feedback and suggested improvements. To date, more than 50 deliverables have been completed, such as the launch of open.canada.ca website and publishing mandate letters online. Now, Canada is working on restoring the mandatory long-form census and developing the International Open Data Charter.


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