The Road to Open Data

Statistics Canada got its open data report card last week. And, it contains very good news! Open Data Watch ranked Canada 8th among 173 national statistical offices. This is the first year that the organization, based in Washington, D.C., has included Canada in its annual report. The goal of Open Data Watch is to ensure that data are accessible to all.

Summary Report on Open Government Consultations March 31- July 15, 2016

The Government of Canada is renewing its approach to open and transparent government. An open consultation was held to develop a new vision for open government, as well as Canada's Third Biennial Plan to the Open Government Partnership (2016-18). This involved Canadians and stakeholders in civil society, business, academia, and other sectors.

CCHS PUMF - how to extract an IVT data file

Our 33rd data consortium!

The Canadian Council on Social Development has added another consortium to the Community Data Program! The Nova Scotia Community Data Consortium will be led by the Province of Nova Scotia's Department of Labour and Advanced Education, which works to provide fairness, safety and prosperity for all Nova Scotians by helping them live, learn and work to their highest potential.


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