Chat with an Expert! 2016 Census: Families, households, marital status and language

As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, Statistics Canada will publish the latest chapter in the story of our country and its people. The third series of results from the 2016 Census of Population will be released on August 2, 2017, on Statistics Canada’s website (

Webinar: Dr. Doug Norris to Discuss Families, Households, Marital Status and Language Data

On August 2, Statistics Canada will release the third wave of data from the 2016 Census, covering families, households, marital status and language. In his third webinar in an ongoing series examining census results, demographic expert Dr. Doug Norris will discuss the new data and its implications to businesses, government agencies and not-for-profits.

Digital Literacy and Data Use

Digital literacy goes beyond data management, statistics, and visualization - it drives the impact investment movement, social media for good efforts, and collective evaluation and evidence-based decision making efforts!

Read Lucy Bernholz's article on Digital Literacy here: Digital Literacy: A Core Capacity for 21st Century Nonprofits



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